1. Plan a special getaway trip with the one you love.  It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive, as you may only need to drive a short distance to find some place unique and interesting.  Go on a wine tasting trip, spend a night or two at a bed and breakfast, go to an amusement park, plan a hiking/bicycling/boating trip, visit the beach, visit a lake park, go on a train ride, go camping/fishing, or even visit the downtown area of a historic town and go shopping.

    2. Improve your other computer skills. Why waste time at the computer leveling your character, going on a raid, or finding your epic, when you can have fun doing something creative or constructive.  Learn and use image editing software and touch up your collection of image files.  Play around with a major piece of software a company offers as a download, such as Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, 3D Studio, Cakewalk, and much more. Browse the shareware download sites such as download.com and tucows.com for interesting little applications and utility to make your life and work more efficient and accessible. Work on your website, or if you don’t have one yet, get cracking. Not everyone “needs” to have a website, but if you’re interested, play with some WYSIWYG web page software, learn HTML, learn JavaScript, toy with Flash, parse with XML, but be sure to do it because you enjoy it.  Create a database in MS Access or FileMaker (in my opinion, two of the easiest to use database applications) for your financial records, school records, receipts, book / CD / software / DVD collection, or even a complete address book of your friends, family, and acquaintances.

    3. Find a hobby or improve the ones you have.  Craftwork such as electronics, robotics, metal working, wood working, art projects, sewing, stitching, needlework, leatherwork, home improvement, modeling, and yes even Lego building. Work on your vehicle; your car, your truck, your motorcycle, your boat, your jet ski, your ATV, or your bicycle.  Organize your tools, your garage, your house, your apartment, your room(s), the attic (if you’re lucky enough to have extra storage space), or your kitchen ware.  Cook, prepare meals for yourself and your loved one(s).  Watch the cooking channel and research new recipes on-line, or buy cookbooks. Call members of your family and get their recipes.

    4. For women: Organize your makeup collection - buy a big organizer for makeup and jewelry, sort everything, make a log of the items you want to get or need to replace.  Read magazines, like Lucky and Cosmopolitan, or even the hundreds of teen rags. Grab all the ‘sale’ catalogs and flyers from stores like Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Fifth Avenue, Target, Sears, LL.Bean, Land’s End, Jansport, and many, many more.  Make a wish list, post it on your website, write it in a database, put it in a Word doc, or just write it down and make copies to give to relatives and friends. Do as my girlfriend does if you’re going steady with your boyfriend, but don’t live together:  give him a drawer-style box of all your necessary things to store at his place. That way, you won’t need to stress when you visit. Plan to fill it with new items such as makeup, makeup removers, contact cleaning and storing solutions (if you wear contacts), lotions, body wash, hair removers, tweezers, soap, shampoo, conditioners, feminine unmentionables, and the list goes on forever.

    5. Find unique things to do and places to visit. Go to a taping of your favorite or local shows at a video production studio.  Good cities for this are Hollywood, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Seattle, Las Vegas, Reno, New York City, Manhattan, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, and more. Visit your local library and rent some movies, check out some books, check out books on audio tapes, or you might even play a game of chess with someone there. Visit an art museum, an aquarium, a zoo, a public ranch/stable, or a marina. In San Jose, California, they even have a “Tech Museum”, so I’m sure you’ll find some unique places to visit where you live.

    6. Take lesson or classes.  You’d be surprised what classes you can take for a small fee of anything from $10 to $100 at your local community center. Adult learning classes, community college classes, or even adult ed classes at your local high school. Learn to drive a motorcycle, work with pottery, improve your computer skills, or even take a class in a new craft. You don’t have to make any commitment to start a new hobby or craft, you just have to spend a little time exploring other things in life to see if you like them. Take a sailing, jet ski, or water sking class. Volunteer to help at your local public television station, or at a local community center. Help other adults learn to read, or teach your experiences with the hobbies you enjoy. But, don’t plan on teaching a class in on-line gaming, because no one will show!