Andrea Cagnetti, who works under the name Akelo, is an old soul living in the 21st century.

He lives in a private world where he can deeply focus on his passion of creating beautiful jewels and sculptures wrought with 3,000 year-old techniques.
Through a ritual of intense meditation and experimentation, Akelo, an entirely self-taught artist, has become a modern day virtuoso of the extraordinary methods developed by his ancestors.

It is not surprising that Akelo has evolved into a Renaissance man. He was born in Corchiano (a village in the Viterbo province), which is built upon the ruins of the legendary Etruscan city of Fescennia, where he was raised on a steady diet of natures beauty. As a child his teachers would take him for walks among the Etruscan graves, feeding his imagination about the lost civilization and its artistic skills.

Akelos education as a teenager and young adult would carry him closer to his destiny of becoming a scultor and a master goldsmith working in the technique of granulation. In school and after his formal education ended, he focused on Greek and Latin literature, the tools and techniques of his lost ancestors, and the alchemy and art of goldsmithing.

Of all his singular experiences, Akelo credits the revelations inspired by The Secret Book, written by a mysterious alchemist named Artephius about whom little is known.

Legend has it that Artephius was part of a spiritual brotherhood devoted to unraveling the mysteries of the hidden world. His life and work was a great influence for Akelo to provide the commitment required to create his own body of work.