It is a good idea to learn to know your tattoo artist even before you have any tattoo design

You can   talk to him and find out how he works, the kind of experience he has and whether he guarantees his  work. 
Another reason to talk to your tattoo artist before you let him give you a tattoo is to develop a  rapport and discover whether you feel he is being honest about his experience and expertise. 
You can  only talk to a person a certain period before any fabrications will come to the surface, and these are the  kinds of things to discover during your discussion.  
Another thing you want to do is once you have assessed a tattoo artist and he has done a tattoo for you,  you want to stay with that artist. 
Sometimes it is very difficult to find just the right tattoo artist, so when  you find someone who does good work it does not make good sense to look for anyone else. 
If you use  someone different every time you want a new tattoo you run the risk of finding someone who is not  quite as creative or efficient, thus you will not be happy with subsequent tattoos. 
You do not change  doctors every time you get sick or need a physical nor should you go to a different tattoo artist every  time you want a new tattoo.  
Be very selective when you choose a tattoo artist - choose him as carefully as you choose your family  doctor. 
In one way, you might look upon getting a tattoo as a minor medical procedure of sorts since it  requires the use of needles in order to perform the process. 
For that reason alone, you need to have  confidence in your tattoo artist - if you don’t have that confidence you may want to look toward  choosing someone else. 
The choice you make will have a lasting effect on the relationship with a tattoo  artist and your pleasure or disdain in the finished product. 
An unhappy tattoo customer is not one that  will come back nor will he or she recommend the services of that shop to anyone else. 
The tattoo artist  want to avoid unhappy customers because he knows word of mouth is the best advertising, and if he  has happy customers they will recommend him to his friends and relatives.